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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Future imagination with the Magic Mirror

Imagine there is a high-tech magic mirror mounted on your bathroom shower room, visible through your body, and with a voice command, voice commands, you can directly ask: If I was skinny ten kilos of how my body?; When I exercise twice a week weight lifting for 3 months, how to shape my otot2?; When my hair is frizzy how do I look?

In fact you can ask if you dress Armani suit or blue jeans and a T-shirt, or even look you 10 years to come. Everything will be processed with advanced super computers behind the glass, and it will appear instantly on the big glass.

In a similar analogy when we can do this at our company: How would our company, when we added 50 people Sales; factory we move out of the city; sales remain poor for the next 3 years: we opened a branch in 5 cities again.

This is the business-modeling, how to imagine state by changing some of the key factors our business. We tried to find the best form of business our maximum. By thinking too cost in, risk, and probability of success.

We can not always correctly guess the outcome, but at least we can well imagine that we already have the data and the length of experience that can be used as the benchmark.

Imagination is needed to create innovation. We try tooling what we can change, and kira2 how it plays. Of course it takes openness of the parties, it takes time, it takes willpower together, to serious benar2 do.

On a personal lever, actually this magic glass concept can we connect the hal2 fundamental to our personal success. What will happen to me if I read the good books every month?; I am very good English language courses for a year?; I learn to be a salesman for 6 months diligently?

A glass of imagination by using the analogy of magic, make us want to play with much more detail to think about our future. It will be able to increase the optimism, hope, and determination. It will make us more resolute in choosing our behavior every day, choose a better and create success.

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